Do background checks feel like a mystery to you?


MinistrySafe takes the mystery out of background checks and helps MAXIMIZE your results. 


Set up a call with one of our Background Check Consultants. We’ll evaluate your current protocols, explain areas for improvement, and send you competitive pricing. 

Choose from seven levels or create a CUSTOM background check

Our searches can combine any or all of the following:

Search more than 650 million criminal records from 50 states

Sex Offender Registry Search

National Security Watchlist

Social Security Number Match

County of Residence

Federal Court Criminal Search

State Records Search (varies by state)

We Bring Expertise to the Table


Unlike other providers, we’re led by attorneys and child protection experts. When your ministry has legal questions, we stand ready to serve. 

Rely on the system used by more than 25,000 ministries.

Order, manage and view background checks using software designed for churches and ministries. Simple. Efficient. Seamless. 

We built a background check experience tailored for ministry volunteers. 

Volunteers have full lives outside of their volunteer service. We designed the end user’s experience to be simple and quick, improving turnaround time and volunteer satisfaction.

Mobile friendly

Automated email reminders

Built-in authorizations and disclosures

Dedicated support team

Background checks are one element of The 5-Part Safety System.


Protecting children from sexual abuse requires a SYSTEM of interlocking safety efforts. 

Awareness Training

We can’t reduce a risk that we don’t understand.

The single most important step a ministry can take to protect children from sexual abuse is to train ministry workers to understand the problem. When staff members and volunteers have an awareness of the basic characteristics of the sexual abuser, the process by which an abuser selects and prepares a child for abuse, and key indicators of abuse, they are better equipped to recognize and prevent abuse in ministry programs.

Skillful Screening Processes & Training

Keeping the wolf out of the sheep pen. 

The Skillful Screening Process encourages an applicant with inappropriate motives to ‘self-select out’ of employee or volunteer pools by utilizing forms and processes meant to elicit a high-risk response. Skillful screening helps intake coordinators and interviewers recognize high-risk responses on applications, reference forms, or during an interview. 

Tailored Policies & Procedures

Rooted in the ‘grooming process’ of the offender.

Policies should be rooted in the grooming process of the preferential offender to be truly effective at preventing child sexual abuse. Policies must be succinct, understandable and tailored to ministry programs. Remember, policies are what you do, not what you say you do. 

Criminal Background Checks

Necessary, but NOT a stand-alone screening tool. 

Criminal background checks are no ‘silver bullet’ because more than 90% of sexual abusers have no criminal record to find, and they know it. Notwithstanding this reality, background checks have become a child-serving standard of care. In addition, STAIR STEP, GROOMING and PLEA-DOWN offenses are common, and should be known to ministry screeners. 

Monitoring & Oversight

Ensuring ongoing child protection compliance. 

Preventing sexual abuse requires a cohesive system of checks and balances designed to operate with efficiency and consistency. 

Reports are simple and straightforward

Screening personnel can quickly review reports and identify ‘hits’ or information warranting further action. 

How does your background screening stack up?

Background Screening: Four Reasons to Trust MinistrySafe

Access to Legal Advice if You’re in Crisis

At some point, you may come across a report that presents questions with legal significance. Our attorneys and child protection experts help ministries answer questions like this one: “This report shows a drug-related charge 4 years ago. Should this person serve with children?” When your ministry has questions, turn to trusted Christ-based legal experts.

Seamless Management That Saves You Time

The MinistrySafe Control Panel was specifically designed to meet the needs of churches and ministries – it’s simple to learn and easy to maintain – whether you’re managing 50 or 5,000 background checks. Administrators can easily order, track, view, archive and refresh background checks. Let our system do the heavy lifting or ask about our integration into a number of church management softwares.

Comprehensive Training So You're In-the-Know

Screening staff must be trained to recognize high-risk indicators for sexual abusers. Additionally, training screening personnel to recognize RED FLAGS on a background check report is critical, because abusers are often allowed to plea down to a lesser offense resulting in a final charge that may appear unrelated to child sexual abuse to the untrained eye. MinistrySafe offers comprehensive online training meant to equip screening personnel. 

Custom Search Packages to Fit Your Ministry

Churches and ministries have widely varying needs based on differing programs, geographic location, state law requirements and diversity of applicants. We help shape your background screening to match your ministry’s specific needs. We’ll be with you every step of the way to build a screening solution that works for you. 

Ready to get started? 

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