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A Complete Child Sexual Abuse Safety System

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training

Safe Sanctuaries® Vulnerable Adults Training

Ability to add Conference-Specific Training Content and Video Message from Bishop

Background Checks and Training in Use

Skillful Screening Process - Forms and Training

Program-Specific Safety Policies

Editable Screening Document Templates

Onboarding and Support for Conference and Churches

Bulk User Imports

Tiered Administrative Access

Conference-Wide Reporting Tools

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Used by Methodists Nationwide

MinistrySafe has provided a combined, scalable training and background check dashboard that has grown and advanced over time.  We have been able to deploy it over our geographically dispersed ministries in an efficient and cost effective manner.  Greg, Kim, and their team have been responsive to our evolving needs and are a valuable resource.

Brant Henshaw

Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services, The Pacific Northwest Conference

MinistrySafe has been a godsend in the sexual ethics training for both the clergy and the laity of the Central Texas Conference. The material is presented in a clear, helpful, and gracious manner which enhances concrete practical application. Using this tool for ministry has enabled us to deepen a clergy culture of appropriateness and accountability. I strongly recommend the ministry of Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris through MinsitrySafe.

Dr. Mike Lowry

Resident Bishop, The Central Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church

I am pleased to wholeheartedly recommend Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris and their fine work, MinistrySafe, to protect children. Both Love and Norris worked with our clergy, staff and lay leadership for many months to develop a system of child protection that was tailored to fit our congregation and our needs. Active in ministries with children and youth in their own church, they understand the realities of ministry. They understand they can’t eliminate all risk, but can provide a very safe, secure and nutruring environment for children in which life-changing ministry can take place. 

Dr. Tim Bruster

Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Fort Worth, TX

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Awareness Training

We can’t reduce a risk that we don’t understand.

The single most important step a ministry can take to protect children from sexual abuse is to train ministry workers to understand the problem. When staff members and volunteers have an awareness of the basic characteristics of the sexual abuser, the process by which an abuser selects and prepares a child for abuse, and key indicators of abuse, they are better equipped to recognize and prevent abuse in ministry programs.

Skillful Screening Processes & Training

Keeping the wolf out of the sheep pen. 

The Skillful Screening Process encourages an applicant with inappropriate motives to ‘self-select out’ of employee or volunteer pools by utilizing forms and processes meant to elicit a high-risk response. Skillful screening helps intake coordinators and interviewers recognize high-risk responses on applications, reference forms, or during an interview. 

Tailored Policies & Procedures

Rooted in the ‘grooming process’ of the offender.

Policies should be rooted in the grooming process of the preferential offender to be truly effective at preventing child sexual abuse. Policies must be succinct, understandable and tailored to ministry programs. Remember, policies are what you do, not what you say you do. 

Criminal Background Checks

Necessary, but NOT a stand-alone screening tool. 

Criminal background checks are no ‘silver bullet’ because more than 90% of sexual abusers have no criminal record to find, and they know it. Notwithstanding this reality, background checks have become a child-serving standard of care. In addition, STAIR STEP, GROOMING and PLEA-DOWN offenses are common, and should be known to ministry screeners. 

Monitoring & Oversight

Ensuring ongoing child protection compliance. 

Preventing sexual abuse requires a cohesive system of checks and balances designed to operate with efficiency and consistency. 

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